Little by Little Homeschool podcast is just you and me, sitting down with your favorite cuppa somethin' yummy and sharing our hearts about homeschooling and motherhood.

Maybe I pull up that laundry basket and help you fold yet another load. Or maybe we sit outside and watch your kids run in the yard. Maybe we even get a rare quick mom night away and meet up at your favorite cafe to talk about all the things.

No matter where we meet up, my heart wants to encourage you to carry on with your intentional motherhood and homeschooling. All because God has called you "for such a time as this." {Esther 4:14}

What is this podcast really about...

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""Leigh’s heart for moms shines clearly as she shares and encourages moms."

"If you’re seeking a beautiful, simple, joyful life as a homeschool mom, you’ve found the right podcast! Leigh’s heart for moms shines clearly as she shares and encourages moms. It is possible to be intentional and enjoy life as a homeschooling wife and mom."

Little by Little Homeschool is a top 10 rated podcast sharing the ins and outs of homeschooling. Drawing upon 12 years of homeschooling and 20 years of parenting, you'll get straight no-nonsense encouragement that you can begin applying today. Join the thousands of other moms from all over the world who are creating and embracing homeschooling!

pop your ear buds in and listen while you fold laundry! 

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