you aren't alone in wondering this.

 Your house is the home base for your entire homeschool lifestyle.

Whether you are home a lot or in and out often, the messes continue to happen and the dirt and grime keep building up.

And having a clean home, while home educating your children sounds like a dream for someday.

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Question for you...

can you really achieve that balance between homeschooling well and keeping your home clean?

You didn't run around on the hamster wheel of trying to keep up and actually had a clean home.

imagine if...

You could climb into bed each night knowing that all the chores had been taken care of.

Your entire family knew their responsibilities and helped keep your home clean and tidy.

this is what i need

Tune into your family and home's unique needs in this very season of homeschooling.

having a cleaning routine specific to
your family's needs?

Stop using a cookie-cutter housework approach that you found for free on social media or Pinterest.

Learn how to get all of the cleaning done each week without any stress.

Can you imagine...

I need this

if you are ready to create the perfect solution to balancing all your housework...

The step by step plan that creates your family's solution to keeping up with the constant housework. Don't let the mess cause you anxiety any longer. You are capable of finding and maintaining the balance with homeschool and housework.

The Tidy Home

Here’s how it all breaks down...

this is what you get inside of
the tidy home

I want this

Setting up your housework time frames.

Tackling expectations vs reality to set you up for success.

Establishing the 4 week system.

Creating your unique chore list.


one to five

How to set up and get your kids cooperating with a chore system.

Creating the 4 season system.

How this sytem adjusts for each season of life and how that practially looks.

Delegating and organizing a family home management system.


six to ten

Printable workbook for the course.

Thorough understanding of Leigh's system that will help you create and maintain a clean and tidy home whether you have babies, teens, or children of any age!

Deeper understanding of what your home needs to work well for your family. 

Printable task management system.

gain access to exclusive content that is only available to those inside the tidy home!

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I'm so glad you are here. I know exactly how you are feeling right now: torn between so many responsibilities.
And today, I'd like to help carry one of those concerns. You function best and are a better mom when your home is clean. But you don't have to sacrifice your family for the sake of a getting the housework done.
Together, we're going to create a system that works for your family and gives you the peace of mind you really want. 


i'm ready!

hello friend and...

you are the manager of your home...let's make your home work for you.

i have answers!

you have questions...

Q. I've tried others and they don't work, why would this one?


This housework system will work! Why? Because it is tailor-made to your family, right here, right now. And you'll learn how to make adjustments when they inevitably need to happen.



The entire course is self-paced. You get to decide how long it will take. However, if you put your head down and really focus on each lesson and are thorough in your workbook, you'll have your new system created in 60-90 minutes!

Q. How do I know this course is for me?

Q. How do I know this course is for me?

This course is for you if you're done feeling overwhelmed by all the housework and cleaning that needs to happen every single week. You would love to crawl into bed at night knowing that your home is put together enough and you carried out your homeschool mom duties with patience.

see you inside the tidy home!

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