If I'm not telling someone how amazing homeschooling is, you'll find me in old clothing working on a project. Most likely, it includes something I found on the side of the road or picked up at a thrift store.

i grew up in a boy home


i love home diy projects

It never felt right to put my daughter on the school bus at the age of 5. And yet, it's what "everyone did." I even went through the system and "turned out fine," surely my children would too.

God used that unsettled feeling in my heart and it grew for a few years until I felt that it was time.

That was 13 years ago and it was the best decision my husband and I ever made for each of our 3 children, as well as for our family as a whole.

I feel so strongly that every family who wants to homeschool, can do it. Isn't it amazing how God takes someone so hesitant and creates a passion within them for that very thing?!

Not only do I know that YOU can homeschool, but I also know that you can break the chains of indoctrination and homeschool well.

My husband, James, says that my sense of humor is a little weird, but I think it's because I grew up with 3 brothers. I really appreciate and enjoy practical jokes and boy humor.

Coming clean here: I am a procrastinator. Maybe it's just me avoiding tasks, but I like to think I am most creative under pressure. However, I do get everything done, so I'm {hopefully} doubtful that I'll change my ways.

i am a hopeful recovering procrastinator

fun facts!

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