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Hours of encouragement and practical tips for the homeschool mom who needs a friend to cheer her on.

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step out of what you think education needs to be and into what home education really is!

As a child, you experienced the school system yourself. And all around you, are families who continue schooling the next generation the same way. But you have a stirring in your heart that maybe, just maybe, it doesn't have to be that way for your family. You want something more. Different. Possibly even considered radical by others. And you wonder how to take back your child's education...

Over a decade ago, I felt God calling my family off the path I assumed was for us and into a whole new world.
Hi! I'm Leigh, a kingdom-minded wife and mother of 3. Our lives were flipped upside down when we made the decision to education our children at home. But guess what? It was the best decision ever and we've never looked back!


Meet Leigh!

"Our family is happy, thriving, and excited for our future."

"Leigh provides so much guidance and information on topics I would have never thought of but have all come up in the brief time we have been planning and homeschooling. It opened my mind to the endless possibilities available and helped me walk into this year with confidence and peace."  Riki F.

I see you there, homeschool mom. And that stirring in your heart is real. There is a different educational path you can take with your children. But you're feeling stuck in how to start or even how to stay consistent and keep at it.

Take the first step...

you can homeschool your children well.

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Little by Little Homeschool is a top 10 rated podcast sharing the ins and outs of homeschooling. Drawing upon 12 years of homeschooling and 20 years of parenting, you'll get straight no-nonsense encouragement that you can begin applying today. Join the thousands of other moms from all over the world who are creating and embracing homeschooling!

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