Clarify Your Homeschool is the step-by-step guide to establishing a homeschool that will last for the long-term. The key is to  embrace the home education lifestyle that works best for your family.

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The daily challenges you face are unique and most people don't get what you do every day. Having a veteran homeschool mom in your corner, offering advice, giving direction, and helping you carry out your homeschool is the solution.


no one understands you like another homeschool mom... 

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"Leigh has shifted my mindset, opened my eyes up, and has encouraged me that I can do this."

"Finally! Someone who 'gets me.'   I've been transformed from a momma who was lost, to one who is jumping with both feet on the homeschooling bandwagon! I've not only learned the logistics of homeschooling, but Leigh has shifted my mindset, opened my eyes up, and has encouraged me that I can do this, and I can do this well! It has already changed my life." 

We all need someone to come alongside us from time to time. And this is where mentorship provides us with one-on-one time to discuss the details of your family and homeschool.

This is for the mom who needs specific answers and, yesterday.

Who has more questions than answers.

And just needs a friend who is a little bit further down the road, to step onto her path and provide solutions to the chaos of your day.

This is for the mom who is tired of wasting time researching online, only to feel even more confused.

It's for the mom that is scared of not homeschooling the right way.

The mom who doesn't know how to break the cycle of recreating public school at home.

And the woman feeling overwhelmed every day as a stay at home homeschooling mom.


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